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Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Prep

Starting the journey for a Salesforce certification can be a little overwhelming, good thing is there are a ton of resources and great people in the Salesforce community willing to help and share their experiences and study guides. Even though this blog is dedicated to Pardot, I wanted to add some resources I used while on my journey to earn my Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification.

This article is dedicated to helping you get started with your Marketing Cloud email specialist exam. The exam outline breaks down as follows:

  • Email Marketing Best Practices: 15%

  • Email Message Design: 13%

  • Content Creation and Delivery: 18%

  • Marketing Automation: 19%

  • Subscriber and Data Management: 28%

  • Tracking and Reporting: 7%

For more information on the exam, scheduling, maintaining your certification, and other references, visit trailhead here.

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Resources

First, you can start by visiting trailhead, and if you haven't joined yet, I highly recommend it. Trailhead has really great information and trails to help you prepare for your certification.

Prepare for your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Credential: Check out the trail here.

Additionally, there is a great article that links each section to the Salesforce help article. So if you know a few areas are a little weaker than others, you can go right to the topic. I'd also check out the comments, Chris, a 24X Salesforce certified consultant explains why answers are correct. This is so helpful because it helps us understand the process o elimination for other questions. Check out the article here.

Flashcards for Studying

While I was studying I created two sets of flashcards, one with notes terms and features that I came across throughout my studying, and the second is a culmination of sample questions that I found while searching the internet. I can't say whether or not these questions are current or going to be on the exam, but I think they are great examples of questions you might see on the exam and a great way to study and test yourself on the material. Good luck on your exam!

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Terms & Features

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Practice Exam Questions

Recommended Videos

While studying for the exam, I needed a little more clarity on features like lists versus data extensions, so I looked on YouTube and found some incredibly helpful videos.

Check out the Marketing Cloud Mojo page for more videos here.

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