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B2B Marketing Analytics - A Series Aimed at Getting You Started for Success

In collaboration with the DRIP, a Salesforce and Pardot blog, we've put together a series of blog posts to help marketers get started with B2B Marketing Analytics. Each post breaks down B2B Marketing Analytics so you can get started in a step-by-step approach, including the foundations of what comes out of the box.

The four-part series will be released on the DRIP. For each part, follow the links below:

Part I: B2B Marketing Analytics: What’s Out-of-the-box? Dashboards, Lenses & Datasets

View the post here >>

Part II: B2B Marketing Analytics: Create and Join New Datasets

View the post here >>

Part III: B2B Marketing Analytics: How to Create a Lens

View the post here >>

Part IV: B2B Marketing Analytics: How to Create a Dashboard

View the post here >>

Exploring the New 'Prospect and Activity' Dataset for B2B Marketing Analytics

View the post here >>

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