demand generation.

Creating the system in which leads are automatically filtered through your organization's tech stack, involves more than just a sophisticated tool, but a team of salespersons and marketing staff that follow consistent and uniform processes. Below is a basic guideline to the steps I take when implementing a solid demand generation program. 

building the demand generation machine

sales and marketing alignment

  • Develop a service level agreement.

  • Create training materials.

  • Develop a lead management process for all campaigns and tradeshows.

  • Host a training session.

tech stack

  • Complete the marketing automation and CRM integration.

  • Website content management systems.

  • Build lead conversion points: landing pages and calls-to-action.

  • Lead nurturing programs.


campaigns and content

transfer and assign leads

  • Automatically move and assign leads to sales.

  • Attach tracking to report on ROI.

lead scoring and grading

  • Develop a lead scoring program.

  • Develop a grading program.

  • Program marketing automation platform and establish rules to elevate potential leads.

analytics and reporting

  • Develop reports and dashboards to show ROI, campaign influence, sales accepted leads, and etc.

customer success programs

  • Develop customer success programs that allow for educational cross-selling opportunities. Depending on the business model, some examples are webinars on capabilities for ancillary products or training on how to use a product when revenue is determined by use/spend. 




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